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Non Detectable Disposable Filtering Facemask FFP3


Helps to protect from Construction dust which has been identified by the Health and Safety Executive as a potential cause of ill health. The dust can include Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) which can lead to the development of Silicosis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and heavy and prolonged exposure to RCS can cause lung cancer.

Where necessary, employers should provide appropriate personal protective equipment including face masks that are fitted correctly and the filter has not become clogged with dust.

FFP3 is the most advisable type to use if you are doing work that does or could create high dust levels or involves silica or wood dust. Some wood are described as toxic, especially some hard woods and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) with an APF of 20 is appropriate.

The Detectamet Dust Mask is designed to meet the FFP3 standard meaning that when correctly fitted it can protect workers in dusty areas by filtering at least 99% of airborne particles.

FFP3 facemask

Key Features

  1. Reduced Fogging of Eyewear
  2. Staple Free – Minimises the risk of contamination and facial irritation
  3. High Respiratory Protection -Meets FFP3 standard.
  4. Adjustable – Fully adjustable straps and nose clip
  5. Comfortable

International Approval


The NEW respirators now available from Detectamet have met the performance standards required in the EU. The masks have been inspected and tested to ensure they fulfil the standards established by the European CEN for the EN149 requirements for face masks.


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