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detectable ear plugs

NEW CK ExpandaBand

This unique product has been designed to ensure maximum comfort. The adjustable pressure band allows the wearer to adjust the pressure exerted into the ear canal to suit their own comfort factor. Used with the NEW CK Silentfit Ear plugs 2 and 3 flange.

Can be worn under the chin or behind the head.

ExpandaBand can be worn under the chin or behind the neck.(Now available in detectable material).

ExpandaBand allows earplugs to be clear of work surfaces to avoid cross-contamination

Colours available Standard – Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Code Hearing Protection
ExpandaBand Semi Aural Colours available : Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow (non detectable)
CK5140 Expandable headband c/w silent fit
CK5141 Replacement plug for above
CK5150 Expandable headband c/w sonar -detectable E/P
CK5151 Replacement plug for above
Colours available : Blue, Red (detectable)
CK5160 Expandable detect. headband c/w sonar – detect. E/P
CK5161 Replacement plug for above
CK5160/RRB Red detectable headbands c/w 2flange Red and Blue detectable plugs
CK5160/BBR Blue detectable headbands c/w 2flange Blue and Red detectable plugs
CK5170/RRB Red detectable headbands c/w 3flange Red and Blue detectable plugs
CK5170/BBR Blue detectable headbands c/w 3flange Blue and Red detectable plugs

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