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Detectaglove & Ear Plug Advice

NEW!! Metal Detectable Ear Plugs :: Detectable Earplugs :: Metal Detecable Vinyl Gloves direct from the manufacturer CK Safety Limited
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Metal Detectable Vinyl Detectaglove: – Detectable food hygiene and operator hand protection.
Premium quality vinyl.
Various sizes available.
Available in a range of colours !! *Subject to a minimum order quantity

This premium quality, 5mil powder-free metal detectable blue vinyl glove combines comfort with product safety, providing the ultimate in safe food handling. Detectable in the electromagnetic range of 50Khz-1Mhz, this ensures that a small torn piece will not pass through metal detectable equipment to contaminate final product. Meets FDA/EEC plastics safety regulations for intermittent contact with food.

In a world where hygiene and safety are top priorities, food manufacturers can, for the first time, provide their employees with a glove that will be detected should it, or pieces of it how to win online casino roulette, fall into a product.

Sonar Metal Detectable Ear Plugs:

The ultimate in metal detectable ear plugs, the sonar ear plugs have all the comfort and design features of our silent-fit ear plugs with additional feature of being 100% metal detectable. Designed specifically for the food / pharmaceutical industries, this product is totally detectable and unlike other ear plugs which depend on metal inserts such as metal clips or ball bearings, Sonar ear plugs and cord remain detectable if fragmented in the manufacture process.


This unique product has been designed to ensure maximum comfort. The adjustable pressure band allows the wearer to adjust the pressure exerted into the ear canal to suit their own comfort factor. Can be worn under the chin or behind the head. Available with non-detectable or detectable ear plug and band and in a range of colours. Another great product for the food & pharmaceutical industries.

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