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**New Design** Plastic Snow Shovel with Wooden Pole

special offers

Manufactured from Tough Durable Plastic with a Steel Reinforced Edge the New Detectamet Snow Shovel/Scoop is a must for any home or business premises, Detectamet can also add additional handles (as per the illustration) to assist with Snow Clearing etc.

Colour = Red
Wooden Pole Diameter = 38mm
1300mm overall Length
440mm wide
400mm deep

Please email: or Call: 0044 (0) 1759 304200 for more details.

Plastic Snow Shovels For Sale. Our range of plastic shovels, scoops and scrapers are already used by leading industrial and commercial customers and local highway authorities. All products are ideal for home use or may be easily stored in the boot of most family cars for mobile emergencies. Manufactured from a fluorescent, high impact resistant polypropylene, available in various sizes the Detectamet & CK Safety Range makes light work of heavy weather.


CK SAFETY LTD is a leading UK manufacturer of Hearing Protection Equipment. CK has patented its famous Silent Fit 2 flange earplug design and has many happy customers taking this product to market. CK also manufactures the Silent Fit Earplug in a 3 flange version and of course with the famous Expanda Band available for our designs this product is a huge hit around the world!

Increased interest has grown in our Sonar Detectable range – and this detectable earplug we believe is one of the best detectable products available in the world today! Our earplugs are both Metal Detectable and X-Ray Detectable and are used throught out the Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Textile Industries over and above standard earplugs. Where there is a need for product contamination detection the CK Sonar Earplugs are a must!

An ideal product to bring new customers and opportunities to your door!

We have increased our tooling capacity recently to be able to deliver our customers their increasing requirements for the CK range of Earplugs, and to enable us to bring new customers this exciting and innovative range of earplugs.

We have also taken our price of earplugs back to our 2008 price’s and we are offering special discounts to all new customers or existing customers taking the range back into their collection or adding to the styles that they currently sell.


Expanda Band

expanda-band This unique product has been designed to ensure maximum comfort. The adjustable pressure band allows the wearer to adjust the pressure exerted into the ear canal to suit their own comfort factor. Can be worn under the chin or behind the head. Available with metal detectable band and plugs or as standard.

Colours available Standard – Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Colours available Metal Detectable – Blue, Red
Expanda band can be worn under the chin or behind the neck

Silent Fit Range

earplugs This range of reusable earplugs has been designed for maximum comfort and performance.

The two flange patented design exerts only sufficient pressure within the ear canal to ensure the required acoustic seal.

Made from medical grade silicone rubber, these plugs are the ultimate choice for the discerning user.

Available corded or uncorded and in various colours. Blue, Yellow, Green, Red.

Sonar Earplugs


The ultimate in detectability. The sonar earplugs have all the comfort and design features of the silent fit with the additional feature of metal detectability and X-Ray visable.

Designed for the food and pharmaceutical industry this patented product is totally detectable and unlike other earplugs which depend on metal inserts such as metal clips or ball bearings, Sonar earplugs & cords remain detectable if fragmented in the manufacture process.

* Pressure Adjustability

*Two Flange Silicone insert Patented product No. 2321196. Designed to give a flat attenuation performance curve in low frequencies. i.e. 125Hz – 1000Hz 24SNR

Three Flange Silicone insert available upon request

(Please note that our 3 flange insert is a design based on the 2 flange and is for customers who want a longer lead on the 2 flange).

Technically the top flange on the plug is not a flange.

*Replaceable Earplug Inserts
*Lightweight 11 grams
*Hygenic – No absorption of contamination into plug inserts
*Comfort – extremely comfortable and suitable for either short or long periods of use in noisy areas
*Flanges on band: ensure plugs are not in contact with any contamination when laid down in the work place.

Further Information :
Hygiene : Wash earplugs in warm soapy water, thoroughly rinse and dry before re-use.
For full technical data sheets please email

Damaged earplugs must not be used and should be disposed of in an environmentally accepted manner.

Sonar (Detectable Range)
CK5102 Detectable 2 flange earplugs
CK5104 Detectable 2 flange earplugs c/w detectable sil cord
CK5106 Detectable pairs c/w non detect cord/storage box
CK5130 Storage box for above

Sonar 3 (Detectable) range
Colours available : Blue, Red
CK5103 Detectable pairs 3 flange
CK5108 Detectable pairs 3 flange c/w detectable sil cord

Sonar Foam (Detectable) Range
CK5109 Disposable metal detectable foam earplugs c/w PVC cord
CK5110 Disposable metal detectable foam earplugs terylene cord

Silent Fit (Non Detectable) Range
Colours available : Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow
CK5114 Non detectable 2 flange without cord
CK5115 Non detectable 2 flange c/w terylene cord
CK5116 Non detectable 2 flange c/w PVC cord
CK5116/BX Non detectable 2 flange c/w PVC cord / individual boxes
CK5117 Non detectable 2 flange c/w silicone cord
CK5130 Storage box for above

3 Flange Non Detectable
Colours available : Blue, Yellow
CK5112 3 flange non detectable c/w sil cord
CK5113 3 flange non detectable c/w terylene cord
CK5118 3 flange non detectable pairs
CK5119 3 flange non detectable c/w pvc cord

Foam Range
CK5120 Foam plugs pairs
CK5121 Foam plugs c/w PVC cord
ExpandaBand Semi Aural
Colours available : Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow

(non detectable)
CK5140 Expandable head band c/w silent fit
CK5141 Replacement plug for above
CK5150 Expandable head band c/w sonar -detectable E/P
CK5151 Replacement plug for above

Colours available : Blue, Red (detectable)

CK5160 Expandable detect. head band c/w sonar – detect. E/P
CK5161 Replacement plug for above
CK3000 Series Ear Muffs
CK3001 Economy ear defender
CK3003 Ear defender over the head band / slim cup
CK3004 Ear defender over the head band / large cup
CK3005 Ear defender behind the head neck band / slim cup
CK3006 Ear defender behind the head neck band / large cup
CK3007 Folding ear defender


**New** Detectamet Food Safe Detectable Plastic Ear plug Storage Box

The box is manufactured from our unique high impact resistant metal detectable plastic, it has 3 drain holes (2 in the bottom and 1 in the top) to assist with drainage once the earplugs have been washed etc.

Available Branded or Unbranded (Minimum Order Quantities apply for own branded)

Colours = Blue, Red, Green, Yellow & White

Can accommodate Split Ring & Safety Chain attachments

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