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New Detectable Pallet Wrap

Metal Detectable Stretch Wrap

The New Detectable Stretch Wrap offers the food industries a less risky means of tertiary packaging for bulk handling in food warehouse storage and shipping.

Metal Detectable pallet WrapAn overwrap can have several purposes or functions that are of general benefit and of specific food safety benefit. A wrapped pallet is less likely to be attacked by insects, or damaged by water, and is more likely to arrive as clean as when it was despatched. The wrapped pallet is more likely to be stable, especially when there is a variety of sizes, and there is less likelihood of pilfering and any deliberate damage would be easier to identify.
Detectable stretch warp for food
For all these benefits there has been one major drawback that the food industry has been aware of, and that is the risk of discarded wrap accidentally getting into the food processing chain where it is undetectable…..or has been until now.

To help reduce the risk of food contamination Detectamet’s Detectable Stretch Wrap is detectable by metal detector systems. A distinctive blue colouring distinguishes the detectable from the non-detectable film, and is an additional visual identification for contamination after use.

Supplied on a roll and available in 2 sizes:

Hand Wrap 400 mm (15 3/4″) x 200 metres (655 ft) x 30 micron
Core Diameter: Internal 75mm (3″), External 97mm (3 34/4″)

Machine Wrap 500 mm (19 1/2″) x 800 metres (2625 ft) x 30 micron
Core Diameter: Internal 75mm (3″), External 85mm (3 1/3″).

Detectable Hand Wrap400mm x 200 metres x 30 micron DTMPW 400
Detectable Machine Wrap500mm x 800 metres x 30 micron DTMPW 500

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