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detectable disinfectant wipes

Detectamet Disinfectant Wipes and Probe Wipes

Specifically formulated to kill harmfull bacteria in seconds, Detectamet Multi-Surface Anti-Bacterial Wipes are supplied in a re-sealable tub container of 200 individual wipes.

Detectamet Disinfectant surface and probe wipes are an Alcohol Free advanced Hard Surface / Multi Surface cleaner and sanitiser that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing products available today being effective within 30 secs and killing 99.9% of bacteria yet contains no irritants within its formulation.

Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology Detectamet not only provides rapid kill against Bacteria and Viruses, but provides a residual barrier onto the surface that continues to work for at least 30 days after the initial application.

Disinfectant Wet Wipes can form an integral part of your due diligence system. They are HACCP friendly and convenient for the operator therefore saving money in labour costs spent mixing, dosing or dispensing chemicals.

  • Alcohol free, Perfume free and Non Flammable
  • Non Toxic and Non Irritant
  • Low lint
  • Tested Food Safe
  • Skin safe, no PPE required
  • Ph level of 6.5-7.3
  • Excellent cleaner and sanitiser
  • Can be used to sanitise medical instruments
  • Blue colour for visual detection
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 30 seconds
  • Leaves surfaces bacteria free for up to 30 days
  • Effective against a range of bacteria and viruses, including C. Diff, MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, Legionella and Listeria
  • Own branding available

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Detectamet Alcohol Free Disinfectant Wipes 200mm x 200mm. Container of 200 DTMDW 1999
Detectamet Alcohol Free Probe Wipes 130mm x 130mm. Container of 200 DTMDW 2999