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Detectamet Disposable Hygienic Headwear


Detectamet Disposable Hygienic Headwear. The Detectamet metal detectable mobcap is a lightweight, nonwoven cap, available in 12 gsm spun bond coloured nonwoven in one standard size.

The cap is designed to give full head cover with all-around encapsulated single thread elastication (Polyproylene covered latex) and manufactured from a lightweight spun bond polypropylene.

Finished hat dimensions: 490mm width by 455 mm length (nominal)

These hats have been manufactured within the controls of ISO 9001:2000 and EFSIS standards.

Type Code
Detectamet Blue & Red Mob Caps 100pcs/bag 10 bags/case CK 14027
Detectamet Green, White & Yellow Mob Caps 100pcs/bag 10 bags/case CK 14028


**NEW**Detectamet Metal Detectable Mob Caps

Detectable metal foil strip impregnated into cap.

Suitable for many applications, especially in the food, catering and pharmaceutical industries.

One size fits all.


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