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**New** Metal Detectable Vinyl Glove (Detect-a-glove)

metal detectable vinyl glove


Metal Detectable Vinyl Gloves are food safe. In a world where hygiene and safety to avoid food contamination from bacterias, for example E-coli, are top priorities, food manufacturers can, for the first time, provide their employees with a glove that will be detected should it, or pieces of it, fall into a product.

The Detectable vinyl glove is a Certified Powder Free Vinyl Food Service Gloves. The material we use offers formulated comfortable fit and tactile sensitivity. Please be aware: Detectagloves are free of DOP. Flat packed for optimum dispensing. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

This premium quality, 5mil powder-free metal detectable blue vinyl glove combines comfort with product safety, providing the ultimate in safe food handling. Detectable in the electromagnetic range of 50Khz-1Mhz, this ensures that a small torn piece will not pass through metal detectable equipment to contaminate final product. Meets FDA/EEC plastics safety regulations for intermittent contact with food. Suitable for preparing vegetables, foods with a high water content,dairy products and pickled foods.

The Patented CK Detectaglove Meets FFDCA Requirements for Food Contact

**Detect-a-glove** Now approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency !!!

Powder Free

Other Colours available, minimum order quantity will apply.

Code Hand Protection (Food Industry)
Sizes : S, M, L, XL
CK8006 DetectaGlove Blue Detectable vinyl glove in dispenser box
Box of 100 gloves / 100 Boxes to 1 Case


Now available “Detectamet Metal Detectable Sleeve Covers”

DTM 2878

The Food Safe Detecta glove is world wide patent protected product! C K European Safety Equipment Ltd of the United Kingdom is the official global License holder and manufacturer.

Glove_gripDetect-a-Glove Guard

The Detect-a – Glove Guard and Detecta-Utility Guard clips have a proven record of keeping gloves close at hand thereby reducing glove loss and helping to reduce hand injury. To meet the needs of the food industry they recently introduced a metal detectable version of their clips that maintains the same level of quality and return on investment that they are known for.

Exclusively by Detectamet disposable sleeve protector Metal Detectable by foil strip (to be worn against the clothing) and visual blue 20 micron LDPE (low density polyethylene)

Available in white, blue and red

Elastisied at both ends (heat sealed to prevent seepage)

Size 18cm x 38cm

Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 accredited

Packaged in packets of 100, with 10 packets per carton (1000 sleeve protectors per carton).

Type Code
Detectamet Blue,Red,White Sleeve Covers (Metal Detectable) 100pcs/bag 10bags/case 3g/pc weight CKS 2878