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Metal Detectable Pens & Office Equipment

economy_detectable_pensDetectable Economy Retractable Pens detectable-pens-pressurised-refillDetectable Retractable HD Pens detectable-pen-gel-refill-sSwitch To Stitch Staple-less Stapler
metal_detectable_pensMetal Detectable Retractable Pens with Standard refill. detectable-pens-pressurised-refillMetal Detectable Retractable Pens with Pressurised refill for use in greasy & powdery conditions detectable-pen-gel-refill-sMetal Detectable Retractable Pens with Gel refill for use in cold & chilly environments such as freezers & cold stores

detectable-pen-fine-tip-sMetal Detectable Retractable Pens with Fine Tip refill for users who require extremely fine writing without losing any of its sharpness

metal-detectable-pens-lanyardMetal Detectable Retractable Pens with Lanyard Attachment. detectable-stick-penMetal Detectable ‘SP’ Style Stick Pens. This new and innovative pen has a ‘easy grip’ section incorporated within the housing.
detectable-stick-pen-lanyard-smallMetal Detectable One Piece Stick Pens with Lanyard Attachment. lanyard-sLanyard with Safety Breakaway Feature. Metal_factory_pensMetal Food Factory Pens ideal for use in ambient working temperatures and a clean environment.
Food_safe_stainless_steel_pensFood Safe Retractable Stainless Steel Pens. Food_safe_Micro_pencilMetal Detectable Mechanical Pencil. detectable-pen-gripMetal Detectable Easy Grip Pen Sleeve – Detect-a-grip.
fine_tip_markerMetal Detectable Fine Tip Marker Pen. detectable-marker-pen-sMetal Detectable Permanent Marker Pen. detectable-retractable-marker-pensMetal Detectable Retractable Permanent Marker Pen.
detectable-marker-pen-sMetal Detectable Dry Erase Whiteboard Pen. detectable-retractable-marker-pensMetal Detectable Retractable Dry Erase Whiteboard Pen. detectable-highlighter-pen-orangeMetal Detectable Highlighter Pen.
detectable-pda-stylus-chainMetal Detectable PDA Touch Screen Stylus. detectable-memo-holderFood Safe Detectable Plastic Clipboards & Memo Holders. cling-easy-memo-sMetal Detectable Portable ‘Cling Easy’ Whiteboards.
cling-easy-whiteboard-roll-sMetal Detectable ‘Cling Easy’ Whiteboard Material On A Roll. detectable-swipecard-holderMetal Detectable Swipe Card Holders. New Design, can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. detectable-stapless-staplerMetal Detectable Stapless Stapler. This unique product cuts, folds & securely fixes up to 5 sheets of paper.
Detectable-PaperclipMetal Detectable Paper Clip. Eliminates the contamination risks associated staples. detectable-cable-clampMetal Detectable Cable Clamps. detectable-scissorsScissors with Detectable Handles.
food-safe-rulersFood Safe Detectable Rulers safety-chainSplit Ring & Safety Chain. detectable-handheld-calculatorMetal Detectable Handheld & Desktop Calulators.
detectable-mousemat-sMetal Detectable Mousemat. detectable-stopwatch-chainMetal Detectable Stopwatch. detectable-document-fastener-sMetal Detectable Reusable Document Fastener.

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