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detectable plastic hammers and mallets

Metal Detectable Plastic Hammers & Mallets

Detectable Plastic Hammer / Mallet incorporating detectable plastic head. The handle is standard plastic. The Hammer/Mallet offers high impact, durability and high abrasive resistance.

Made in the UK to high quality standards

Resistant to corrosion and most chemicals

Will not fracture, splinter or delaminate

Detectamet Detectable Plastic Hammer/ Mallet head is fitted to plastic handle to meet with Food Hygiene Regulations.

25mm diameter Dimensions:

Length = 280mm (11″)

Head = 75mm (3″) Long, 25mm (1″) Diameter

50mm diameter Dimensions:

Length = 300mm (11 3/4″)

Head = 115mm (4 1/2″) Long, 50mm (2″) Diameter

70mm diameter Dimensions:

Length = 300mm (11 3/4″)

Head = 125mm (5″) Long, 70mm (2 3/4″) Diameter

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25mm Diameter Head – Blue DTM 06011
50mm Diameter Head – Blue DTM 05011
70mm Diameter Head – Blue DTM 07011