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Detectasil – Metal Detectable Mastic NOW AVAILABLE

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Detectasil® from Detectamet – the Metal Detectable Mastic for Food Producers

Hygienic installation is an essential food industry requirement to minimise the dangers of cross contamination. Silicone mastic is used frequently to achieve a good seal between surfaces such as wall panels, machinery installation and structural fittings.

Issues have been raised regarding the detectability of this product should it get into food, and the challenge of the habit of mice and rats eating through mastic installations. “I was approached a little while ago by a food producer who thought we could help him to reduce the risk of cross contamination.” said Sean Smith, the CEO of Detectamet “He was having trouble with silicone mastic used in his process plant.” The manager had found that bits of mastic were breaking away helped by the attention of some mice that were trying to get into the premises.

metal detectable mastic

“We were able to incorporate the detectability factor that would identify the ‘lost’ mastic and we later discovered that rodents don’t like the taste of our ingredients.”

Detectasil® is available in the construction industry standard 310ml cartridge that fits into a standard applicator gun. It is available in blue or white finish, and it is easy to apply in temperatures from + 5°C to + 50°C. It has a good curing rate depending on the thickness and depth of the mastic applied and when cured it performs successfully at temperatures from – 30°C to + 150°C.

“We have carried out detectability tests” Sean explained “and both the fresh and cured mastic was visible to X-ray machines and Metal Detectors in a number of different food types.” The unopened cartridges can be stored in a cool dry place up to 12 months with no impact on performance.

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