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Detectamet Resin-Set DDS (Double Detection System) Brushes Sweep Away Contamination Issues

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Many companies in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries have long struggled with the problem of contamination via the use of brushes. Brush bristles often become detached and being so small are very hard to detect. Detectamet have been developing a solution to this issue and we are pleased to announced the release of their new line of Resin-Set DDS (Double Detection System) Detectable Brushes. The range of detectable brushes include a Soft Hand Brush, Stiff Short Handle Brush, Stiff Nail Brush, Stiff Long Handled Brush and Medium Flat Sweeping Broom. As Resin-Set Brushware is now becoming the standard requirement for the food industry, the range of Detectamet Resin-Set DDS Brushware have been developed with both function and price in mind to ensure our customers can take advantage of the benefits without breaking the bank.

How Does Resin–set work?

The brush filaments are held firmly in place with both stainless steel staples and resin-set using our Double Detainment System.

Why use Detectamet Resin-Set DDS Brushware?

  • The loss of brush bristles is virtually eliminated.
  • Resin–Set means the build up of bacteria around the bristle holes is prevented.
  • Can be used in wide range of temperature environments from 14°F/-10°C to 248°F/120°C
  • Anti-Microbial epoxy resin used
  • To give you complete peace of mind